Automatic Recycling of your Social Media Posts

Octoforce is a social media scheduling tool that recycles your posts as often as you wish. Result: you get a constant stream of high quality updates and the time you save can be used to engage with your audience and being active in the conversation.

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Your Categorized Content Library

Save your tweets in a central library and use categories to keep them organised.

Quickly see that your 'Tips and Tricks' section contains a nice backlog, while your 'Picture Quotes' can use some more loving.

Octoforce content library

Choose Your Posting Schedule

Tell us when you want to post what.

Do you want to tweet something from '#mondaymorning' every Monday at 10am? We got ya. Share something from 'Fun Stuff' every Friday around 5pm? Consider it done.

Fill in your social media schedule with Octoforce

Infinite Stream of Updates

With your schedule and library in hand, Octoforce goes to work. He posts your tweets at the right time - every single day.

After posting, tweets are put back at the bottom of the library ready to be used if he ever runs out of new ones.

The result? You can focus on quality again instead of quantity!

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